Monday, 20 July 2015

Transplant Unlimited

Author: Kyle R. Fisher
Genre: SciFi, Action
Book Rating: 7
Personal Rating: 7.5

This was an interesting book to read.  The story centers around a company that can print organs.  No more long waiting list. I almost fell in love with this book, almost.  It just didn't quite take me there.  It seemed to get right to the point of being yes this book is great and then fizzle out.
My first issue was the amount of back stories.  For example, i honestly didn't need to know how one of the main characters, Walt, met his wife.  It was just information.  That type of info he and his best friend, Nelson, could've told me without the flashback in time to read through the scene.  I have this thing that everytime i'm given a flashback  I automatically assume it's going to have something major to do with the plot, sort of like how Rowling introduced the house Tom Riddle's (Voldemort) mom lived in.  It comes back more than once and also happens to be were Dumbledore finds one of the horocruxes, and it also gives us backstory/insight into why Voldemort is who he is and we get to see his father for the first time.  Quite literally nothing in these scenes isn't used somehow in the plot of the series after they are introduced.  Hence my problem with the whole meeting the wife flashback, if i plucked it out of the book, nothing would change.  It was purely information which I would've much rather been told.  That's just one of a few things that could've been told in casual convo with much less page time hence freeing up more time for the story.  

Once the story finally got going I began to regain my excitement.  Thugs, loans, secret missions on the printer.  Yes!  But It didn't quite live up.  Nelson was kind of made out to be an idiot who knew nothing about his friend.  But as the story progressed I found it hard to believe he could be that stupid considering what he actually accomplished.  It just didn't make sense.  Walt's ten year secret was a bit much.  Seriously that kind of back story was what i needed.  The way it was handled it was like it just up and happened ten years ago and it never actually built up to turn him into the psycho he was.  Granted if he said he was always nutty i would've took that on faith, but it appeared he was normal at some point.  What the hell happened then?  I would've gladly went along for the ride of that backstory.  His motives were just too week.  Just get a freakn divorce and stop being a punk about it.  

Basically even though the action was fun, and the pace of the second half moved much better than the first.  It was a bit cliche.  The plot was okay but not amazing.  And this whole move Nelson made.  Okay he's just as nutty as Walt is.  Really.  Once that was revealed firstly I wasn't too surprised, and secondly, it was also not a good enough reason just like Walt's.  Just man up and get the girl and if you cant, there are more out there, and furthermore what if he did get caught.  Company up in smoke lots of people suffering because of something he did twice, and one of the incidents was just plain creepy.  Like what i would expect someone with weird stalker tendencies to do, he needed some serious therapy.

This book had all the components of an extremely good novel, but the things that were holding it together, surprise plot twist, and reasonings behind them, and the ever so overplayed double crossing villain thing.  Sigh.  All of that just kinda diminished what on the surface is a rather excellent idea.  

So I liked it, I wasn't blown away about it, but i didn't hate either.  It was an okay book.  A nice fun read.  I'd recommend it to anyone looking for something quick and light, for those days when you just want to be taken through a story.  An easy weekend forget about life read.  This book would definitely fill that need.

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  1. I’m the author of the above novel and something about your review has been bothering me. I’m fine that you only gave it three stars, you have a right to your opinion. What I’m not fine with is the fact that your review gives away spoilers. This is a novel about 3D organ printing. It says that in the book description. After reading your review, it’s not much of a mental stretch to figure out what the two main characters are doing. These are two of the major plot points. I’d like the reader to discover them, not suspect what’s coming. As you should know, it’s hard enough to get readers to take a chance on an independent writer without someone giving away the story in before they read it. I’m not asking you to give me a better review. I’m asking you to go back into your Amazon review and edit out the spoilers. I would appreciate your help with this. If you have any questions or concerns, I can be contacted through my website:
    Kyle R. Fisher