Monday, 18 January 2021

The Omega's Third Whish


This was a tough review. I didn't love this book but I didn't exactly hate it either. For the most part, it was a sweet story about a single dad finding love. What I did love about it though was that the main characters shift. I've read my share of Mpreg alpha omega stories with omegas being in heat and all of that and no one shifts. This always leaves me confused like are they wolves/shifters or not and if they aren't what's with all the Alpha and Omega talk. Now onto the more important stuff.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Dead on Arrival: Paranormal Cozy Mystery


This story was enjoyable. I like magic and a good mystery and this one had a nice balance to it. I dropped into this story not realising it was the third in a series. It does say so in the book as well as on the cover so if you're more observant than me you'll know. However, as I expect from a good mystery series, even with all the connecting previous backstories you did not need any of it for this story to work. It's its own separate entity and just the right amount of the characters' descriptions and what they bring from the previous books is hinted at for it to make sense, piece together some things and even be intrigued about the things you couldn't figure out but didn't need for this instalment.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Mark: Firefighter Curvy Woman Romance (Grover Fire Dept. Book 2)

3 Stars
This was a quick read. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into it.


It started off well. With a steamy closet encounter. I was definitely into it. But then it fell into the cliche's way to quickly. It wasn't adult enough for me other than the erotic bit. The guy not calling is kind of overused. The girl getting mad about it is overused as well. In the interest of women not allowing the guy to dictate, have power over their emotions, her getting mad and throwing attituded when she finally met up with him again felt forced. Like was making a scene in a grocery store really that necessary. It screamed drama just because she could. And you could tell as the book went on they had history. Like they didn't just meet on the night and end up naked together. So with all that possibly lead to this he just decided, nah, I'm not gonna call which he knew was a bad idea, and she of course couldn't just be like whatever at least the sex was good and go about her business thus leading to the grocery encounter.

The Long Night: Blood Will Be Served


This review might contain spoilers.

I almost liked this book. It started of engaging, as I went through there were interesting bits about how the werewolf vampier folklore worked for this particular story and it did hit most of the points this fantasy genre hits with the extras designed to set it apart. The problem was the further I got into it the less I wanted to read it. The prologue didn't add anything to the book. Literally everything that was in it I figured out in the reading of the following pages. The typos were small at first so I basically ignored them cause editing is a tough process but as I kept reading they kept recurring. Usually it was a wrong-word-typo or an extra word or two that didn't get deleted from a fixed/changed sentence.

My Bosses Christmas Package


This was a light read. I knew it was short but that being said I still finished it faster than expected. The story was okay, not bad but not great either. It didn't grab me really. I had a few issues with it. My main one was that it read like it wanted to be a longer story instead of a short instalment in a series. Like the whole thing with the mother was a good character bit but ultimately this story was about Laura giving in to her feelings about her boss so there was zero page time to develop the mother-daughter connection. That page time could've been better spent drumming up the tension between Laura and her boss. It's a short story so every page counts in getting the readers to connect with the characters and this story read like it needed at least ten more pages to delve into the mind of the protagonist.

Total Knockout


This one was short and fun. I enjoyed reading it but I guess I was expecting more. More steamy monologues of Michaela watching him in the ring. More of him not being able to keep his eyes off of her. It was just that the blurb lead me to believe that there'd be some sexual tension building with her watching him in the ring but one fight does not an 'I can't focus on my job situation' make. Also, my other issue is I get that people are insecure but it just seemed like an aside versus an actual feeling she would have. He legit asked her out. He didn't skirt it, he didn't word it in some vague way. He very specifically said after the fight they should hang together. It was just frustrating to hear her continuously talking about how he doesn't really want her. I would've been way more onboard if she just said she would take it how she got it and if it was a one-nighter so be it and just lived her best life. I dunno. Maybe I've just read so many of these I'm over this plot direction mostly because it be so much more fun if they went out on faith that it was for real and if it wasn't well at least they got a really good date and some good sex out of it. No harm no foul. Just think about it once, then commit to the night without letting the impending doom everyone knows who's a fan of this trope, is not going to happen. That's part of why I can't get into it as well, I already know they're going to have a HEA so why not allow her to enjoy it to the fullest?

Three Sweets To The Wind


I didn't really love this book. I went into it thinking it's part of a mystery series. I've read my share of these and always by accidentally not knowing I was in a series. This is almost never a problem. It was here though. There was so much lingering information expected of me that I spent a good chunk of the book, before the murder happened, trying to figure out. How long she had been in West End, who was who to who and it was just a big ball of confusion really. My experience with mysteries series is each murder is a stand-alone case so it was odd to come into this as it was written like it was part of a previous novel and not its own separate case. Even television crime series, Closer, Criminal Minds, CSI, Law and order and the like, are all chuck full of back story that connects it's cast together but you can literally pop in anywhere and not need to know this stuff for the present case unless it's a two-part/rollover episode.

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