Monday, 5 June 2017

Eve'n Steven

 Author: Suzie Jay
Genre: ChickLit/Comedy/Romance
Book Rating: 5
Personal Rating: 4

After such an amazing first book I was shooting through the moon to read this book and... disappointment.  I couldn't finish it unfortunately.  Eve just displayed so many juvenile antics but I was committed to finishing until about 33 percent then that was a wrap.

Firstly being upset that your soon to be husband got called in last minute for a high profile case is fine.  But this is his job.  Shit happens.  You went from single woman to woman on the verge of family bliss in on one fate full Christmas eve.  Surely in a year throwing a tantrum as an adult woman is not something you're still doing. And this man got you a trip to a tropical island with your single bestie, um can you say massage, beach, half naked men.  Chick take that ticket and run run run. Kick up your feet relax and have some quality girl time.

Okay that asside, confidentiality is important to a lawyer when he says he can't talk about his client shut up and deal with it.  All you have to do is accidentally mention the confidential information he spills to you and now a single dad of two has his job in jeopardy  Who would want to put a man like that in such a position.  It was just tactless.  And then to be all she's a hot celeb and go straight from forcing information out him to not trusting him.  Sigh.  Consider me annoyed.  More on this later.

Then to top that off you give away someone's money.  If you aren't going to take this free vacation you do not just up and give the ticket away and not tell them.  It's not your money.  If you aren't going at least be adult enough to say you aren't and let them tell you to do whatever the hell you want then.  And your single friend is obviously taking some random guy who hasn't even hit a month of dating who calls women bitches the first time he meets them and eve's only thought process is (well at least i have a name should he kill her on this vacation) I kid you not.  It was supposed to be funny but oh hell no there is no chance in hell I could be that concerned about my friend and just up and let her leave with some stranger.  And be on beautiful beaches that I should be on sipping cocktails an checking out the bodies on the beach through my shades,,,, by that point i would've been on the plaln.

How could someone allow their best friend to be in such a precarious position.  

So you decide you're not going to use your ticket, you're letting your friend leave to be alone with a man who is sketchy at best, and you're heading to your parent's farm instead, and you don't think telling the man you plan to marry any of these details.  Who does this.  Now I'm not saying ask permission but what happens when he calls the hotel and you aren't there. hmmm.  or when he calls you at the farm hears cows and now you gotta make up some lie about where you are.  Or... I just can't too many things that any rational adult would've avoided.

So she heads home.  And the people start making her feel guilty for wanting to make something of her life.  Honestly, there is nothing wrong with moving out of your hometown to do things.  Even if you just trade one struggle for another.  If anything they should've encouraged her and made her feel good about her success welcome her back and try to catch up.  They about their lives since she left and hers about what she's been doing.  Talk about old times and new times.  Why the guilt trip.

And then hiding from an old friend because there might be something there.  Say what... so your devoted boyfriend garners jealousy from you over doing his job and you are hiding from someone for the same reason.  Maybe he should be more concerned about you if you have to hide.  Just walk up to the guy great him and play it cool.  If he can't get on board with the fact that you are in a committed relationship with a family now then tell him to get out of your space cause you have work to do and you aren't interested.  The hypocrisy of wanting to know if your man has a hot client when you can't even show your face to a hot friend from back in the day.

And lastly sneaking into a house, grabbing a woman into your arms after scaring her to death and refusing to let her go until she greats you properly.  Um no no and no.  Personal space violation.  She said put her down so put her the hell down.  Friend or not.  Just wrong on so many levels.  I just couldn't anymore here.  This was legit the last straw that she didn't kick him out of her property and tell him to come back at a more reasonable time and with an adjusted attitude.   And the side jibe from a town member about how maybe she And Steven could be meant to be together.  Seriously a whole year of dating and sharing a home with a man and his children and you are suggesting she is meant to be with her old highschool friend.  Homewrecker much.  Eve is happy why would anyone say this even as a one off?

So to sum it up.  Eve's stubborn attitude, annoying.  Her being more willing to let her friend spend weeks with a possible maniac just to one up her boyfriend.  annoying.  Making side plans and not informing him (asking permission not necessary but informing him of your whereabouts is just standard since he is expecting you to be somewhere else) also annoying.  Townspeople guilt tripping you for chasing your dreams, annoying.  Hiding from old school friend because he's hot and you think he might like you juvenile at best.  Friend casually saying maybe you and said guy, steven, could still be meant for eachother... why?   And then the totally violation of personal space, (pretending to be an intruder and then taking someone by force and refusing to let them go.) ugh.  Even when she showed Steven the pictures of her new life she didn't have enough spark for me to take her seriously.  I couldn't go through 67 percent more of a romance that I assumed wouldn't pan out because she's meant to be with Grayson and if it does happen, remember I didn't finish, I really would've been annoyed.

And for someone who's so hilarious, I made it 33percent into this book and didn't laugh once.  And when I say hilarious I had multiple laughing fits during the first book.  Basically, eve was too unlikeable for me, and the tone of the book once she hit the farm just breathed of guilt tripping and forced set-ups, I just couldn't get into this book at all.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Merry Christmas Eve

Author: Suzie Jay
Genre: ChickLit/Comedy/Romance
Book Rating: 8
Personal Rating: 9

This book was amazing, no stupendously amazing.  It started off well.  The setting was clearly given: women obsessed with Christmas trapped in an airport lusting after the hot guy who set of the detectors.  All the makings of greatness.  I was hooked right from the beginning.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Christmas Chaos

Author: Pailin Jay
Genre: LGBT
Book Rating: 6
Personal Rating: 5

The opening of this book was nothing short of spectacular.  Can't lie, I was hooked.  Dark brooding forensic photographer on his way to a local crime scene, the setting matched his mood just so much win.  After that, it slowly went down hill.

The main character picks up a clearly distraught man at the scene, obviously close to the vic, and takes him lunch which is fine.  But then it just didn't hit the levels of heavy the book seemed set up for. We've got a lead character here that's brooding over his life as an orphan, talking to a complete stranger who just lost his best friend about well, stuff.  I was just waiting for that emotional waterfall to happen but it didn't quite get there.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Beyond The Friend Zone

Author: Multiple
Genre: Short Stories/Romance/Drama
Book Rating: 7
Personal Rating: 7

This book was almost amazing.  Like I wanted to fall madly in love with it but ultimately couldn't. Two stories didn't quite stick to the theme, and others had awkward plot devices.  Each story gets a review, so this is going to be long and may contain plot spoilers.

Mechanics of Love

This could've been a five.  The chemistry between the leads Nora and Olly was good.  The story moved at a decent pace.  But the ending.  Didn't even read it.  The moment it was like yes the big payoff has arrived.  Then... Drama, a fight for no reason, and so on.

The Mutt

Author: Kasia Bacon
Genre: Short Stories/MM/Romance
Book Rating: 7.5
Personal Rating: 7

This was a short fun read.  Set up was good.  Dark brooding object of desire.  Unrequited love.  All the makings of steamy awesomeness.  The ending was good too.  The characters were easy to understand and follow.  Only thing is that it just didn't leap off the pages.  It felt like closer to the end it just sorta ended.  It didn't have enough info to read like a good short story.  Maybe five or so more pages in the middle.  I just didn't quite connect with the object of desire in this book or fall in line with the relationship that begun.  Basically, there wasn't enough begin with it.  It just sorta happened and I didn't have enough time to get on board and invested in the romance.  Even though I knew it was coming.  There was no yeah! and awww, and when's the next kiss.  They just didn't have enough time together to set me up for how this will pan out in the next instalment.  Especially with a pretty perfect ending/cliffhanger to the short.  Other than that, this is a light and entertaining read and if you want to kill an hour or two of your time, and actually enjoy said time, I recommend this book,

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Everybody has a story.... These are ours

Author: Audrey N Lewis
Genre: Short Stories/Anthologies 
Book Rating: 7.5
Personal Rating: 7

This was not what I was expecting and that's what makes it awesome.  It was very well written.  And mostly, it felt real. Without all the extras that people fluff their stories up with these days.  These are the types of tales that stick with you long after you'ver read the last line.

Friday, 14 April 2017


Author: Catherine Taylor
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Erotica
Book Rating: 10
Personal Rating: 10

I honestly couldn't could this book down.  Action, suspense, steam, fight scenes muscles.  Oh, and the writing was good too.  If I could pull Jahn right out of this book I would but alas fantasising over fictional characters gets you nowhere in life.

At first, I was a little annoyed.  Damsel in distress, man comes to save her, erotic scenes to tease the pallet.  All well written but typical fair for this type of genre.  But as the plot thickens you start to realise the wonder that is Master.  Everything fell into place just at the right moments.  The motives that drove the characters were relatable.  The characters themselves lovable and the writing excellent.