Monday, 27 January 2014

Intoxicated - Book 1 of The Intoxicated Books

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Author: Alicia Renee Kline
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit, New Adult
Book Rating: 9
Personal Rating: 7

Three angles, none of equal size all adds up to... Intoxicated, otherwise know as a scalene.  But Love triangles aside this was a very fun read.  I might be a little biased because chick lit is always steamy fun.  Erotica is okay, but when steam is funny it's just so much more exciting.  As far as chick lit goes this book hits all the good points.  The humour is spot on.  The sexual tension, oozing through the pages.  Shortage of hot men, of course not.  Heroine who is woefully unaware of her own beauty and assumes all her friends are infinitely hotter than she... yes.  And did i mention the men are tall.  Quadruple yes.  Anything above six foot two gets mega bonus points as far as I'm concerned.  But enough about the steaminess lets get to the plot.

The one thing that I love about this triangle is that it extends beyond the triangle.  Usually these books are told through the eye of the heroine but this book does an excellent job of making her friends roles much more prevalent in the tale.  As in real life sometimes every ones individual story intertwines somehow.  Coincidence, maybe, but it does happen.  This novel does a very good job of using the situations of the friends to affect the dilemma of the heroine.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Law Of The Wolf - Book 2 of 'The Outlaw King'

Author: S.A. Hunt
Genre: Fantasy/Western/Action
Personal Rating: 8
Book Rating: 8.7

Nothing short of awesome.  The second installment of 'The Outlaw KIng'  Definitely lived up to my expectations.  First thing to note is where the first started of slow this book jumped right into the heat of battle.  Action, and more action and swords, and escape tunnels and villains who can control dark beasts.  The past coming back to bite you in the ass, friends reunited in battle and fields set ablaze.  Whoa.  Just too much excitement to handle.  I liked it because you could feel the urgency of it all.  I found it was written well enough that you couldn't quite tell if the heroes would survive.  Fantasies are tragedies after all so the heroes can die.  I found myself on the edge of my seat rooting for the survival of my favourite characters in just the beginning pages.  The suspense was killing me but I came out alive.  And so did some of the characters.  Can't tell you who didn't though.

It was after the battle that I really started to enjoy this book.  It was the character development.  This tale lent itself to really digging into what makes all of the characters tick.  Their emotional baggage their triumphs, strengths and weaknesses.  I really got a feel for the characters in this particular novel.  More though than in the first which is awesome.  People usually shine, or show their true colors, in extreme circumstances and this book was definitely extreme.  

Friday, 17 January 2014

This Changes Everything, Volume 1 The Spanners Series

Author: Sally Ember
Genre: SciFi 
Book Rating: unfinished 
Personal Rating: 7/10  -- mostly because even though I didn't finish I had this nagging feeling through the whole read that in this book's particular style it's brilliant.  Note to self: must read more books like this during the year.

After reading the blurb for this I was more than excited about reading. After the first three pages.  Way excited about reading it.  After that. Excitement slowly fizzled away into oblivion.  I just couldn't get into this book.  Every page I read felt like I was cramming for an exam tomorrow and if i didn't pay attention I'd fail.  Information overload, brain system: crashed.  The main character, Clara Branon, had a rather intriguing intro in chapter one.  I laughed, my interest was piqued.  Who is she.  What are these visions she has, and these strange holograms in her room.  Real or unreal.  And the sense of wit, for me at least, was genius.  Then after all that my brain was muffled down with a certain lack of flow or connective direction.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Whirlwind In The Thorn Tree: Book 1 of 'The Outlaw King'

Author: S. A. Hunt
Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Western
Personal Rating: 8
Book Rating: 8.5

Guns, and humor and giant sea monsters, Oh My!  This was a fiercely entertaining read right from the beginning.  Jumped right into the foray of action.  Okay mystique is more accurate.  You could sense the lurking presence of danger but also a slight apprehension of the mystery man in the the first pages.  And that was a good combination.  It made me want to know just what exactly this person was doing.  And why.  Descriptive out of necessity.  The only way I like description, just enough details to say this is it, now look over here cause this is what's really going down.  At first I started thinking Sophie's world, not Sophie's choice.  I wasn't sure how I felt about that but once I got out of the second paragraph all fears were demolished.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Nobel's Quest - Book 1 of the Empire's Foundation Trilogy

Book Rating 8
Pesonal Rating 9
Author Ryan Toxopeus

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel.  It's a tale of unexpected heroes with a twist of humour.  The novel had me right from the first page.  The immediate sense of urgency kept me wondering what is going on, who is this person I"m following, and why are they running.  The characters are very clearly defined and the story moves at a very comfortable pace I never once felt like I needed to use my skimming abilities to jump through a page or two.  In fact I gave myself three days to read this and did it in two.  That is saying something.

The world is is described with just enough detail so that you get a feel for the realm, but not so much that you feel you're being bogged down by the details.  The two main male characters Sarentha and Thomas were very believable as friends.  They had a way of talking to each other that only life long friends can acquire, especially their way of talking to each other when not talking.  Sarentha, hilarious.  Thomas, made me smile, And the third hero, Eliza, sold the book for me.  If there's anything I like in an adventure novel it's a kick ass heroine.  I'm so over the damsel in distress stuff.  What I liked about her is that she wasn't too head strong like some heroes and heroines are.  She new when to not push and that made it more believable that sometimes she went against the grain, and sometimes she did what she had to do.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My First Post

Good day everyone.  Nothing here yet because I actually have to start reading to post.  But soon come. That's all for this post.  Just looking forward to getting my read on in 2014!