About me

Honestly, I'm just an author who got so tired of no one taking my books up for reviews that I decided to be a reviewer.  Reading makes me happy, writing makes me happy, and the stress of trying to get reviews and noticed just depresses me.  So enter review blog.  Increase in happiness all is right with the world again.

So yeah nothing special really.  Just your every day book nerd doing what he loves best and using that to help other authors.   I'd say more but mostly when I talk about myself I bitch and moan and be all woe is me, so stopping here is definitely the best course of action.

But just so you know.  I"m 5'5" Chocolate, mid thirties.  Insanely addicted to fries and cheesecake. Tattoos are hot, so are large hands.   I have zero dollars in the bank so feel free to ask me for a book. I'm down for giving out freebies for a review (yeah no shame in my author game at all)


  1. Great blog and I love your reviews! I'll definitely be following you!

  2. Good site. The reviews are refreshingly candid. Will certainly do a "follow" and some submissions. Enjoy the down time while you may. Hopefully you will be able to continue reviewing at the end of the Sabbatical.

    1. Thanks. Next review is up sunday night maybe and only 3more books to read after that.

      Glad you like the reviews.