Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fighitng the Impossible
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Author: Selina Bodur
Genre: Romance
Book Rating: 7
Personal Rating: 7

This was an interesting read.  There isn’t too much bad that I can say about it.  Neither is there too many good things I can say about it.  It was a rather average tale, light reading.  It was good enough for me to not be bored to tears yet on the other hand didn’t quite have enough umph for me to be shooting through the roof about it’s awesomeness.
The introduction was very well laid out.  It introduced you to the main character Tar and set you up for the fact that something was just not quite with her.  Leaving you hanging to jump five years into the past.  Rather brilliant.  Not too much yet not too little as far as prologues go.  The only annoying thing is the word ‘flash’ totally unnecessary to use it if the chapter tells me it’s five years earlier.  Each ‘flash’ back into the past was tiresome.  A page break or title that says past or present is sufficient enough.

The flash backs obviously talk about the past that lead her to the present day situation of not being so right.  The events circle around her best friends wedding, Claire, in which Tara found her love in the form of the best man.  She is, in my view unreasonably mad at him for assuming she was something she was not.  An honest mistake especially when bachelor parties are to be had and so on and so forth.  But it served as a good tension device for their obvious romance.  It was played out to the letter no shocks.  Nothing bad or good.  It was just okay, which is fine

The present, features her at the same hotel five years later, obviously distraught over something that happened in the past.  For me I always knew, it was just what else could it be.  Why is she so depressed and holding on to something so fiercely.  And for about three years she’d been this shell of a human being.  It was just a little bit too long to be depressed over something that happens to people often.  Life sucks.  We cry, we think there’s nothing to live for, but we move on.

The book was written well.  It had perfect pacing, not a hair out of place.  Yet it was teetering on serious drama without making it.  Boarding on depth but not quite going deep enough.  It was just good enough for me to like it but still felt flat.  And, this is a bit of a plot spoiler, after having a baby for the love of your life, how after three years do you just look at your son for the first time like you haven’t been raising him for the past three years.  Does he not have his father’s eyes?  Is there nothing in him at all that would remind you of that wedding day you met him and how your love grew from beyond.  Could you really look at this child and never once see what true love can bring.  I just couldn’t buy it.  Especially since I saw it coming to begin with.

But like I said, it’s definitely good, fun, light reading.  It’s short.  Sweet and holds nothing that will seriously deter you from enjoying it.  It may not have gone as far as it could have but the past tense of the book is what really sells it.  The present day parts are a little bit tedious but not enough to kill the story.  If you like a little bit of romance with a dash of tragedy than you honestly can’t go wrong with this slice of fiction.

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