Sunday, 22 February 2015

Stranger At Sunset
Author: Eden Baylee
Genre: Suspense/Mystery/Romance
Book Rating: 7.5
Personal Rating: 7

This book was neither bad or exceptional.  It was okay.  Nothing I would go shooting through the roof about it's awesomeness here but it didn't drive me crazy.  It just had a few faults that took it away from awesomeness.  I did manage to not want to put the book down.  That definitely made it worth the read.

Descriptively this author could do no wrong.  Very detailed and precise. You could practically smell the ocean.  Feel the sea breeze, touch the walls in the rooms and taste the delicious food.  Just brilliant.  I could also visualize the characters very well also.

The plot.  It made sense.  Went along smoothly.  No real hiccups yet nothing out of this world shocking either.  It just sorted sat right in the middle of great and blah.  Leaning a little more towards great.  It just felt like it could've used a little bit more umph.  Some things were predictable and others' I just wondered why is this even here.

The beginning of the book was a confusing mess.  Physically the characters where described well.  Not so physically, I just didn't know enough about them.  So many of them were placed on me at one time I had to keep turning the pages back, and back to place them in their individual spots in my head.  I have no problem with large casts, I just found the majority of this cast didn't really play a role in the book other than to be there.  They didn't get much page time, and the characters that did well I knew who they were so they didn't confuse me.  It would've been much easier if all of them got equal page time.  This would've given the author more time to specifically flesh out their characters and give more mystery as too who this murder is and if they had an accomplice.  As it was everytime a name other than the main characters popped up I can honestly say I still don't really know who they are.  Just confused.  

Some things were just too predictable.  Like how one relationship with a young girl on vacation ended.  I was upset that it went the way it did.  It just felt so cliche and the girl seemed like she was a bit too strong willed to allow it to get that far.  The villain was okay, nothing much to say about him.  Hot guys, and a certain amount of steam oozing out the pages.  I dunno.  I'm having trouble really singling out anything really good or bad about this novel.  It was just okay.  

The ending, an over dramatized piece of fluff.  No one came out of that any better or worse.  In fact as far as cliff hangers go, it felt like I was intentionally not being told something instead of that smooth, oh shit what just happened there, what are we talking about, there's going to be another book, feeling.  It was just annoying the way the argument went.  Like all this shouting and no getting to the point and then it was over and the point was never quite reached.  That and the beginning few chapters are probably the only things that stand out.  Firstly confusion and lastly just annoyance.

And as awesome as the opening sequence was I think it was the only steamy section in the entire book that could've done with less steam.  It distracted from what happened.  I honestly had to read it twice to make sure what I read did indeed happen.  It kinda killed the mystery and intrigue because it just seemed unnatural.  Was it good, well yeah.  Very well written but unnecessary.

All in all this book had no enormous errors, no really brilliant moments.  It was just a good old fashioned good read.  Easy lets sit down and have a cocktail and forget the world reading.  Nothing too intense and I found that to be just fine.  I did enjoy reading it and would most definitely read the next book.  It seems like there will be a part two but I'm not entirely sure.  

Would I recommend this book.  Yeah.  It's that light throw it in your suitcase, download it onto your kindle for the plane ride, read on the beach with one of those drinks with cute umbrellas kind of book.  If you want to read a book that's good, and not too intense this is brilliant and enjoyable light reading.  And the guys in it are hot.  Do you really need another reason to read a book?  I don't think you do.  Nope.  Not at all.

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