Thursday, 4 December 2014

Crossfire: Book One The Omega Group
Author: Andrea Domanski
Genre: Urban Fantasy/YA
Book Rating: 8
Personal Rating: 9

This was a fun read.  Hell it was more than fun.  Just a delight really.  Good plot.  Nice characters.  In fact I'm usually big on tearing characters to shreds.  But I rather liked most of these.  The subs and the mains.  Interesting powers and a host of really quirky senses of humor.  This book just made sense.

The main, Mirissa.  She was fun.  Made sense.  stayed true to character.  And basically didn't do anything accept what she should have done.  Perfect.  There was that one thing where she was almost ready to argue with her mom in the midst of battle.  Very done and cliche the inappropriate timing of the depressed youth asking why did you leave me.  But that was short lived and it went on well after that thankfully.  The only other fault was the whole "come alone" ploy at the end.  Sigh.  Why does everyone do this. And more importantly why does every character submit to this demand.  Once it would be nice to see a plan b.  All in all her journey from who she thought she was to who she really was was perfect from start to finish.  She handled her secret in stride.  Had her ups and downs but it all made sense.

Her father, Steve.  I like him.  A good father.  A good husband.  And another well developed character.  I have a soft spot for good characters.  And he bought his daughter a pet turtle, Henry.  Come on whats not to love about a man like this.  And he knows a secret about his daughter and her mother that he's not telling.  Oh the suspense.  

The mother.  Love love love her.  I'm so over the women trying to prove themselves in a mans world nonsense that it's refreshing to read a book where man and women are on equal footing as humans and warriors.  She is a force to be reckoned with so naturally I like her.  And this mysterious letter she sends Mirissa for her 18th birthday.  Hmmm.  What could this be about.  All of this good plot foundation happened, quick and smooth and did nothing but to entice me to want to read on.  This book was very well layed out.

Then my favorite character Greco. Dark, brooding, secret past.  And hot with a dash of sexy sprinkled with why doesn't he exist outside of fiction.  Okay yes he's hot, but he was very well written.  And his lack of words made for a very interesting mysterious instead of the annoying who the hell is this person experience.  All in all I loved all the characters.  The villain, even though cliche, was still fun to read in his own right.

Now to the story.  Pacing good.  Humor perfectly timed.  Action just fun to read.  And an undercover love interest.  Or subdued is more accurate.  All shape this book into a wonderful masterpiece.  It had it's faults.  Like the above mentioned ill timed almost conversation between mother and daughter.  And the annoying cliched villain speech at the end.  How easily he was taken down was just like what?  And then suddenly he's saveable for some strange reason and... and... lets just say I really detested the quick, easy and blah ending sequence.  Too much obviousness and just plain old why?  Especially after the preceding stuff being so good.  A blah ending is always enough to kill it for me.  Especially when under the circumstances there's no way the villain should've lost.  Or lived to see the next book.

In any case if you are tired of women trying to make it in a man's world, like action and good characters, and a plot that flows rather smooth mostly.  Then this book is for you.  In fact it would be a crime not to read it. 

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