Thursday, 18 December 2014

Suicide In Tiny Incriments
Author: Riya Anne Polcastro
Genre: Comedy/Suspense
Book Rating:6
Personal Rating:5

There wasn't anything drastically wrong about this novel accept that there wasn't anything alarmingly right about it.  It just kinda molded from page to page.  I wanted to like it but ultimately I just wanted everybody to die so I could be done with it all.  It's a tragic Comedy that felt more tragic in the annoying sense than the brilliantly crafted word genius variety.

For me it was quite simply the main character.  He was too blah.  A guy who hated his life enough to want to kill himself.  Okay.  But what?  There are loads of characters like this why is he so different.  I just didn't feel his pain, wasn't rooting for him to find himself and the will to live.  Daniel's life was a tad bit too pathetic for me to connect with.  Okay that's not true.  I've fallen in love with characters way more disturbingly depressive.  His depressiveness was just too blah.

The plot flows well, a bit slow but well all the same.  And for someone so desperate for love and having two female best friends it's a mystery to me why he wouldn't even make one of those, if i get to this age and I'm single and depressed we should get married pacts and actually follow through on it.  I"m sure he did make such a pact with one of them.  It's just everyone is so depressed and it's supposed to be so depressing it's funny, hence tragic comedy.  Yet I only had a few laughs.  And you could see the humor.  It's there, that kind of dark you know you shouldn't be laughing at it humor, accept it never quite steps over into outrageous dark/taboo hilarity.  It kind of borders on chuckling with a spurt here and there of tear watering humor.

The writing, well nothing to say there.  I actually think it's an excellently written book.   Descriptions are great.  No problems following it.  Just good all around but again just didn't live up to expectations. I actually don't have much more to say accept the ending, once the whole suicide finally gets into motion was just a bit too ridiculous to buy into and not ridiculous enough for me to laugh at.  And the one real death I saw coming a mile away.  This book had all the makings of awesome yet seemed to get lost in the seas of mediocre.

Basically for me it was the characters.  I'm a character guy and even as well written and described and perfectly laid out as they were, they were all just blah.  Even the hit-man didn't quite make it into the oh I really like you category.  I was just annoyed by them all mostly and found myself screaming 'just get on with it' a lot.  Waiting for someone to just die, no one did.

Still it was a well written book if not funny enough, tragic enough, or interesting enough to keep me wanting to read it.  I say give it a shot all the same.  Maybe I'm overreacting.  Maybe it is a brilliant piece of dark humor.  A literary force to be reckoned with.  But me I still say it was on it's way to greatness but took a wrong turn onto averageville with a side of whacky disappointing ending.

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