Thursday, 22 October 2015

Deny the Moon--Wolfblooded book 1

Author: Melissa A Graham
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama
Book Rating: 6
Personal Rating: 6

When I started reading this book it seemed like I was going to be madly in love with it.  Action, bad boy bikers, romance, and I made the assumption werewolves would be involved before even beginning to read it.  And I love werewolves.  This book pretty much had all the things I would typically enjoy but I just felt like I was reading on into nothingness forever.  It just didn't get to the point.   It read like it was one big massive block of intense character development for the lead that I pretty much had sorted out before I even made it a quarter way into the book.  She was described well enough for me to not need all the extra pages of stuff that felt like it was just stuff.  There was no pull me along I was just sorta going along because I was hoping for something big to happen.
This will probably contain some spoilers, but that's all selective to how you describe a spoiler.  

There were just too many things I couldn't wholeheartedly go along with.  Like how many times in a book will someone be faced with the truth, in this case the presence of werewolves.  Actually be chased down by one and cornered in a building and still somehow decide magically that they don't exist.   In magic books magic doesn't exist, in books with angels angels don't exist, and so on and so forth.   And this always happens after being faced with evidence.  I guess I'm passed the stage of buying that so many authors feel the need to throw the truth and physical evidence right in the face of their characters and still have them deny the existence of the truths.  

I had high hopes the whole aggressive territorial abusive wolf stuff wouldn't arise.  It did.  And the book seemed to take forever for the existence of wolves to arise, and after many pages I'm still baffled as to why they didn't just tell her they were wolves, or what this big reason the male lead keeps saying he had for not telling her is.   An entire book read and I'm waiting for some big epiphany beyond I didn't tell you cause you couldn't handle it.  Some conspiracy, a prophecy that i have to wait for in the next book because I only get a glimpse of it in this series.   But the only hint was at the end in one teeny phrase that said something like you were supposed to deliver her to us.   I actually got excited for a while but that was it.  A one liner or two.

And my biggest issue was other than her boyfriend and the one woman who wanted her boyfriend, our heroine was never ever treated badly by wolves.  They all treated her with respect from the friends when she was running with the pack, unknown to her of course, to the friends after she left them.  Yet somehow all werewolves are monsters.   Even in movies and books they aren't always portrayed as monsters and, spoiler alert,  even after being attacked a second time by one and saved by one they still don't exist.  And most importantly are evil.  Saving her life does nothing.  I'd say who she was saved by but even I couldn't spoil that.  Suffice it to say there wasn't a chance in hell this person had ill will towards her but, being a wolf and having no evil evidence before her other than the idiot boyfriend, all wolves are monsters.  

I really, really wanted to just fall in love with this book, but the male lead just seemed like an egotistical power hungry control freak.  Trying to claim his woman and killing anyone who dared look at her even after they were no longer together.   The main female lead,  Harley, yes i do know her name.   Just seemed to be floating on by.  And the big, not so big, reveal at the end brought back the exact same questions, if the pack she was with had some secret reason to not tell her about their wolfness, surely people even closer to her would've told her instead of treating like some weird freak.  I just couldn't go along with all the unsaid things that appeared to have no real meaning.  They were just unsaid because they could be.

If you're the type of person that's down for a girl making a bad choice, sticking with it because it might actually not be such a bad choice, escaping from the clutches of evil and basically just kind of floating in limbo after which until evil returns then this book may be for you.  The action was definitely great.   Good fights, wolf action  blood and mayhem.  The book isn't shy on any of that.   Okay and some nice steamy scenes.  But otherwise I felt like all the pages melded into eachother.  Which is a shame because I'm fairly certain most people will read it and be like what is this idiot going on about and love it.   It's that kind of book.  The type of novel 'I' don't like but have a nagging feeling would do exceptionally well under the right circumstances.  Still for me.  It just didn't do it.

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