Monday, 30 November 2015

Rogue: Book 3 The Omega Group

Author: Andrea Domanski
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Action-Adventure
Book Rating: 8
Personal Rating: 7.5

Where to start.  Well lets just say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It made me laugh, kept me wanting to read it. And the characters have such an amazing chemistry that it's hard not to love them.  Grecko is still my fave.  Seriously he needs another book.  One was just not enough.  My only problem with this book was the usual plot device.  Boy falls in love with girl from enemy camp, girl falls in love back.  Someone sabotages forbidden romance, and so on and so forth.  I dunno maybe I'm just passed the stage of seeing this type of thing but for once it be nice for someone to have it last against the odds with out the villain successfully tearing them apart only for them to find out years later they've hated each-other for no reason.  And in some books it's too late.  At least in this book it wasn't.  Okay maybe this wasn't my only problem.  There was a point in the plot where the cast seemed convinced that someone was the main villain, and i was kind of dumbfounded by this.  
The book, which is written extremely well, didn't allude to them thinking this.  In fact this set up was written so good that it was beyond obvious that this was a side plot.  Yet somehow the entire cast was acting like it wasn't and genuinely shocked the real antagonist was still out there.  I was thoroughly confused.  But not enough to stop reading. 

Lastly the villain.  After all the 'experimentation'  i was kind of bummed he had no super powers of his own.  Like seriously what good sociopath and egomaniac doesn't test out his own stuff to make himself all powerful.  Especially with evidence that the stuff works.  So the ending had all this big bang.  I mean it was an awesome attack on the enemy with a rescue mission at the same time and just whoa.  A page turner at best and just brilliant.  Then all of that for a whiny villain.  I liked him so much better before that last paragraph of his existence.  When he had more spunk.

Did I say the ending was awesome otherwise, cause it was.  Not to mention the flow went well, i never felt like oh god get on with it through the entire novel.  That's good.  All the love interests that sparked where a quirky delight to read, and the action,.. just fun fun fun.  So yeah other than the usual tribe against tribe, villains using tribes dislikes against them to start a war, the whole no you cant love someone from their tribe, and the wimpy villain okay the one paragraph wimpy villain, this book quite literally soared on all cylinders.  I'd recommend it to anyone, mostly because all my issues are clearly the stuff good books are made of, regardless of my personal preference.  Good writing is good writing, and this book is that.

And did I mention the characters have amazing chemistry.  Like I laughed more than my fair share at some of this dialogue.  Just so much fun to read.  I'd read more of this author's stuff.  Most definitely.

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