Saturday, 5 December 2015

Guitar Face: Book One Guitar Face Series

Author: Sasha Marshall
Genre: Contemporary/Modern/Rockstar Romance
Book Rating: 7.5
Personal Rating: 8

This book was a delight to read.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy reading it.  Most of the characters had a certain depth to them that kept you interested in where the plot would take them.  Tragedy was on point, writing good and humor... just ridiculously on point.  Still it didn't quite make it for me.  There were plot issues, all of which I wont touch but I'll hit on some, and dialogue that sometimes went on a bit to long that took me out of the story.  Just a lot of things I didn't need to know for the story to work.
For the most part Henley was mostly lovable.  Her one liners made me chuckle and sometimes laugh hysterically.  She was well written.  As was Koi and Jagger.  Kip, well I wanted to love him.  Everyone wants to love the comic relief but he didn't seem to go anywhere.  Most of the really jokey I don't know what serious is kind of characters end up being the ones with the most depth and pull through the best at crunch time when all the more put together characters crumble under the pressure.   He didn't.  As funny as he was, he was too much of a one note and after I got halfway through the book I just couldn't laugh at him anymore.  I expected him to be stupid so the humor kind of just wore off.  It lost it's umph.

The way the characters interacted with eachother was fun to read.  I loved the book most when there was more than one character in the room.  The chemistry was just awesome.   The problem I guess arose with how the plot, although nicely written, flowed.  For example something epic happens early on in the novel, as a result our rock celeb characters obviously are in the news.  The story is told in news articles for a few pages, I'd be lying if I said I read more than the first one.  I just lived through the event when it happened.  I'm well aware the characters are rock stars so they will be all over the news.  After just one or two media reports, I got it.  Two reports plus living the scene is three back to back accounts of the same story, more than enough,  It bogged me down I just wanted to get on with it and this was so close to the beginning.

Secondly Henley giving up super-stardom for a while was okay.  But during her hiatus she didn't seem to come back with a new lease on life.  Four whole years and she was quite literally the exact same person she was before.  Only minus being a rockstar, yes she was scared a bit from what happened but that's to be expected.  What else?  I just felt like she left to find herself and didn't bring anything back with her.  Like she just disappeared then reappeared.   

When this unconventional rockstar romance hit the romance section it was fun.  For a while at least.  Mostly because it wasn't the sappy boring stuff those traditional romances are made off.  This was fun, gritty, hardcore steamy real life type romance.  And done well, but then the typical cheating stuff.  Honestly there has to be a better way to create a rift in a couple, especially rock stars.  When they are on their own who cares if they are drinking and partying with scantly clad members of the opposite sex.  As long as that man, or woman, is desperately in love with you whatever.  You are in separate bands both superstars in your own right and thousands of miles away from eachother.  At the very least before you get all 'oh shit they are fucking other people' you can be an adult pick up the phone and call, or respond to all the messages your friends are leaving you, and the cheater in question.  It was just annoying that someone in the biz would jump to such a conclusion instantaneously without even attempting to find out if it was indeed something.

It didn't stop there.  After their first argument, relationship over.  No matter how much your feelings got hurt or how irrational the argument was to begin with, who breaks of a relationship after the first fight, and ends it with a public statement within 24hrs of fight.  And most importantly if you are the type of person to make a public statement about a breakup within hours of your first real fight, you are definitely the type of person who would ignore someone begging to get back with you and apologise so why get mad if they gave you a day to cool off.  You know you would've told them to go to hell and never speak to you again, or ignore them outright, and they also know this, so it would be pointless for them to talk to you or you to get mad for them not talking to you when you both know it would have yielded zero results.  

I guess I've made it to a point as a reader where I just can't deal with this type of irrational behavior. Relationships are hard work, you don't just call it quits after the first bump, and this was just an argument and hurt pride.  Not even infidelity.  When you add this to the redundancy of kips character, Henley's sabbatical that left her in the same place she was when she started, and a cliff hanger at the end that made me think the same thing that happened in the beginning of novel has now happened again it just pulled me out of the story.  All the expertly laid humor, brilliant writing, there where some typos but not enough to care about, and the amazingly steamy sex just seemed to get lost in the relationship drama that, considering how awesome the rest of the relationship was tailored, just shouldn't have happened.   

As much as I enjoyed reading it it's the little things, and with so much awesome going on here, this love interest that took up most of the second half, maybe even two thirds of the book just really lost it's oomph with the way Henley handled the two crisis', I just couldn't buy into the fact that she'd be so quick to jump to conclusions or so willing to give up no matter how hurt she was.

So yeah, I had a few problems early on,  Then I was like oh yeah this book is awesome and then the romance bit seemed to be going awesome but ultimately It only took the two things to completely pull me out of it.  On a high note though, the book did hold my interest.  I wanted to finish it, and it was definitely laugh out loud funny when it was funny, and sex scenes, this author knows how to make anyone need a cold shower.  Just awesome.  I may not have been shooting through the moon about it on a few plot choices but I'd be lying if I said this book wasn't worth the read.  In fact it's worth reading again.

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