Sunday, 16 April 2017

Everybody has a story.... These are ours

Author: Audrey N Lewis
Genre: Short Stories/Anthologies 
Book Rating: 7.5
Personal Rating: 7

This was not what I was expecting and that's what makes it awesome.  It was very well written.  And mostly, it felt real. Without all the extras that people fluff their stories up with these days.  These are the types of tales that stick with you long after you'ver read the last line.

It's definitely five-star material but not quite.  There's a message to walk away with, good or bad, with each story. With the good choice for the style/voice of writing/narration of the stories, most times the message just sorta floats into your subconscious without it seeming forced. Which is just the way it should be. However, there were a few where this didn't quite happen.  It was almost as if you could feel too much where the author/story was going and I couldn't quite get into them.  And one story, in particular, seemed like it had all the makings of going somewhere but the set up was too good for me to buy into, Saying Goodbye.  The title and the content was a giveaway so I basically read it waiting for the end. The surprise ending did more to annoy me than send me into the deep emotional space that most of these stories accomplished with ease.

The Perfect Load, it seemed like it was going somewhere but not fast enough.  Like it needed more than short story length in order for it to really sink in.  I actually didn't quite make the connection with the title until long after I was finished the book.  The same and more so with If Only You Could Hear Her Sing.  It just seemed like something amazingly deep was floating somewhere in this story but it never quite hit.  Almost as if the brilliant way in which the author tells all these shorts was what held it back.  Too much real and not enough moving forward and it, along with Girls Night Out felt like they suffered from too much of the setup and not enough of the story.  Got derailed by the mood and tone the author was trying to evoke within all the tales.

The rest of the stories, however, were a work of art.  Especially Fading Frost.  Heart-wrenching, heartfelt, warm and dark all at the same time.  It was just brilliant.  Composed of the right amount of realism and set up combined with plot moving devices and a perfect ending.  It pretty much showcases everything that this author does well and then some.  Writing at its finest.

Although I felt a few of these stories didn't quite live up to the potential of others there's no arguing with the depth and overall good writing of these stories.  If you aren't afraid to have your heartstrings pulled a bit and stories that have real endings then this is definitely the book for you.  It was a refreshing read and I would read more from this author.

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