Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Mutt

Author: Kasia Bacon
Genre: Short Stories/MM/Romance
Book Rating: 7.5
Personal Rating: 7

This was a short fun read.  Set up was good.  Dark brooding object of desire.  Unrequited love.  All the makings of steamy awesomeness.  The ending was good too.  The characters were easy to understand and follow.  Only thing is that it just didn't leap off the pages.  It felt like closer to the end it just sorta ended.  It didn't have enough info to read like a good short story.  Maybe five or so more pages in the middle.  I just didn't quite connect with the object of desire in this book or fall in line with the relationship that begun.  Basically, there wasn't enough begin with it.  It just sorta happened and I didn't have enough time to get on board and invested in the romance.  Even though I knew it was coming.  There was no yeah! and awww, and when's the next kiss.  They just didn't have enough time together to set me up for how this will pan out in the next instalment.  Especially with a pretty perfect ending/cliffhanger to the short.  Other than that, this is a light and entertaining read and if you want to kill an hour or two of your time, and actually enjoy said time, I recommend this book,

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